Change the drive used by Offline Servicing

When a “scheduled update” is applied to an operating system image, it uses the C: drive by default.  It stores a copy of the WIM fil in C:\ConfigMgr_OfflineImageServicing.  Needless to say, this might not be where you want it. You can change the location by editing the WIM data to reflect the new drive letter.


**Note: this assumes the sitename is PS1

Connect button: ROOT\SMS\SITE_PS1 namespace

Query button:

SELECT * FROM SMS_SCI_Component WHERE FileType=2 
AND ItemType='Component' 
AND SiteCode='PS1'

Results are displayed: 1 objectScreenshot - 9_22_2017 , 4_22_44 PM

Double-click the resulting line: object editor window opens

Screenshot - 9_22_2017 , 4_17_11 PM

Scroll to find PROPS in the Properties column.

Screenshot - 9_22_2017 , 4_30_54 PM

Double-click it to open Property Editor

Screenshot - 9_22_2017 , 4_33_46 PM

Click View Embedded

Screenshot - 9_22_2017 , 4_35_06 PM

Double click each one, and find the one that has a PropertyName equal to StagingDrive.  Mine had it in the second EmbeddedProperty line.

Screenshot - 9_22_2017 , 4_37_41 PM

Double-click Value1.

Edit the value, changing the dirv eletter as shown.

Screenshot - 9_22_2017 , 4_39_02 PM.png

Save the property, and close all the windows, saving along the way.

It should take effect the next time you apply updates.


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