Unpack a collection of CAB files

When setting up slipstreamed updates, you first get the updates from Microsoft using WSUS, in CAB format.  The setup routine want them to be MSI files, so this routine unpacks the MSI files from inside the CAB files.

[Powershell code]
#  Author: Roger C
#    Date: 23-Oct-2016 
# Version:
# Purpose: Unpack a collection of cab files in subfolders as provided by WSUS/SCCM
# this allows us to maintain a collection of MSI files for Office 2016 for slipstreaming into the installation

# enable debugging output if desired
$DebugPreference = "SilentlyContinue" #"Continue" 

$cabPath="C:\Scripts\Download\Slipstream Updates\"
#$cabPath="\\of-fs-02.expn.corp\sccmsource$\Desktop\Software Updates\Office 2016"
$destination="C:\Scripts\Download\Slipstream Updates\unpacked\test"
$cabs=Get-ChildItem -path $cabpath -recurse -include "*.cab"
ForEach ($cab in $cabs) {
    if (test-path ($destination + "\" + $cab.basename + ".msp")) {
        Write-Host "Skip: " ($destination + "\" + $cab.name)
    } else {
        Write-Host "Unpack: " ($destination + "\" + $cab.name)
        ConvertFrom-Cab -FullName $cab.Fullname -destination $destination
        Remove-Item  ($destination + "\" + $cab.basename + ".xml") # throw away the XML file

Function ConvertFrom-Cab {
    $comObject = "Shell.Application"
    Write-Debug "Creating $comObject"
    $shell = New-Object -Comobject $comObject
    if(!$?) { $(Throw "unable to create $comObject object")}
    Write-Debug "Creating source cab object for $cab"
    $sourceCab = $shell.Namespace($FullName).items()
    Write-Debug "Creating destination folder object for $destination"
    $DestinationFolder = $shell.Namespace($destination)
    Write-Debug "Expanding $FullName to $destination"

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