Trigger Compliance evaluation

This shows how to remotely trigger SCCM compliance settings.


audit / remediate outdated profile

Using SCCM and compliance settings, you want to search for old profiles (unused for 90 days).  You want to make sure only Domain (not local ) account profiles are wiped out.  And you want an exception list, stored in an AD group.  When found, you want to report on Compliance (if no outdated profiles) and you want to remediate if found.

Framework for working with SCCM cache

Work in progress [VBScript code] - run at workstations ' Purpose: Clear SMS cache files ' Version ' Author Roger C 25-Oct-2016 on error resume next dim Results : Results = "Success" dim oUIResManager dim oCache dim oCacheElement dim oCacheElements set oUIResManager = createobject("UIResource.UIResourceMgr") if oUIResManager is nothing then wscript.echo "Failed" wscript.quit 1 end … Continue reading Framework for working with SCCM cache